A Letter to My Daughter on her First Birthday

My Dear Josephine,

Happy First Birthday.  This day feels so surreal and so amazing.  Part of me can't believe it's already been a year; the day of your birth was the most traumatic and also the best day of my life.  I will never forget the rush of emotions when the doctor eventually helped place your fresh tiny warm body on my heart. You are my greatest gift and my biggest lifelong dream come true. 

I am deeply grateful for you. I asked, wished, and dreamed for a daughter almost my entire life. And then I waited and waited.  And here you are.  Not only here but you are so remarkably special in so many ways.  You are quite possibly the “magic baby” that every parent dreams of.  You're very happy, constantly smiling, giggling and always looking for your next adventure. You’re curious and inquisitive, sweet yet determined and very much an independent little human. Every day I watch you develop into a new, more mature version of yourself and I’m so proud of your milestones.  You have instantly added so much love and joy to our little village. Your baby babble and clapping hands are my new favorite sounds that I can never get enough of. 

On your first birthday, I hope that you continue to see this world as a huge playground. There is so much to love and enjoy.   Everyday may not be perfect but I hope that you stay grateful, do your best, help others, and strive to find the win-win in every situation.  I wish for you that you keep your sweet and fearless disposition, your contagious laugh, your curiosity and your watchfulness.  More importantly, I hope that you will see around you examples of strong, smart, kind, and loving people who will support you and help guide you when you get lost.  

Today we celebrate your first year since you joined our world.  Some believe that a "Josephine" is one who will change your life for the better and always be there for you --- And I thank my lucky stars everyday that I have found my Josephine. I love you with all my heart.  And so does our special village. I hope you always know how truly special and loved you are.  Happy Birthday sweetheart.




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