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100 days

Today marks 100 days since my father's passing.  We have carried out the Vietnamese and Buddhist traditions thus far to honor our father. A parents love is one you can always count on. The feelings are so overwhelming and can completely take over---it's hard to put into words how it feels to lose a parent.  I am slowly gaining morsels of strength and peace over the past few months but it still pains me deeply that Josephine will grow up without her grandfather at her corner.  The best I can do is embody his spirit, love, kindness, and stories of his heroism in Josephine's upbringing. On this day, I'd like to share excerpts of my eulogy speech I wrote for my father: As I think of my father, a few special memories come to mind.  He had a few special ladies in his life but his first love and #1 lady was my grandmother, Ba Noi. He cherished and loved her with all his heart. She lived in Germany. We visited her every few years, and in between, we called her toge