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Happy 2019 - What a difference a year makes!

Happy 2019 to all the dear mommies near and far!  New Year is a good time to pause and reflect on your last trip around the sun.  A year ago, my daughter and I closed 2017 with alot of uncertainty ahead of us.  I had just lost my job during maternity disability leave just before the holidays, and still struggling with severe PPD, something that I feel is just not talked openly enough about today.  As I jump-started my job search--everything was on the table, including moving in with my parents, leaving the Bay Area and/or moving out of state.  2018 marked a big transition year. In February 2018, I accepted a job opportunity at a small, boutique woman-owned firm in San Francisco providing outsourced CFO services to the Investment Management space.  I had returned to work after unexpectedly taking a 10-month leave. I had a lot of emotions about not only returning to work but starting a whole new job as a first time mother.  Returning to work is indeed so much harder than one would expe