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Happy Two to my Sweet Josephine

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Josephine! Happy big two to the two of us!  My daughter just turned two on July 2nd this year.  Truly amazing how fast time goes by. I didn't do much for her first so made it up by hosting not one but two birthday parties this past month. Two in itself is such a huge milestone (big HELLO to terrible two's)!  Up until recently, in my pre-parent mind, I naively thought that the "terrible twos" were over-hyped and filled with hyperbolic toddler stories. Boy was I ever wrong! Josephine had showed signs of independence and strong determination since birth.  Although I know these next few years will be filled with battles, lots of tears, tantrums and exhaustion, it is deep joy to witness this little human learn, discover and welcome new skills of doing more things on her own .  She is learning to count in German and Vietnamese.  She is forming new sentences everyday, my new favorite is "mommy is preetty!"   And she is even cracking