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Where is your Daddy?

As a choice mom, one of my biggest worry is around my daughter one day answering to her friends and strangers to the inevitable question, "Where is your daddy?"  I never want her to feel inadequate or less than in any way because she has a different family structure as a consequence of the decisions I have made. My daughter just turned 10 months this May, and I feel like I am barely coming out of the fog of new motherhood, and naively thought I had at least a few more years before I come up with a rehearsed story for her.  No, I should have been ready, like yesterday.     Baby J was playing with my friend's 4.5 year old son, completely absorbed with his trucks and legos.  It was a precious, sweet moment to witness the two parallel play together until he abruptly turned to her and asked, "Where is your daddy?"  My heart dropped.  Of course, he didn't comprehend that she didn't know how to talk yet so he repeated the question the 2nd time, and eventua