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Doing this Differently

In honor of Mother's Day this year, I'm excited to share a conversation I had on the unique topic of  Sharing Embryos .  I sat down with my dear friend Nicole, who's also a solo mom to her wonderful three-year-old, Dylan, here in San Francisco.  She recently launched an inspiring new podcast  Doing This Differently , which opens up discussion about non-traditional family setups, fostering open-mindedness, understanding and inclusion. We were joined by Heidi, who shared her experiences raising Jojo and Henry as full siblings through embryo donation.  She is truly a super warrior mom who had Henry at the start of the pandemic in April 2020.      We touched on several heartfelt topics during our interview: Why someone might consider donating an embryo. The challenges of becoming a solo mom during a pandemic. The right time to tell children about their birth origins. Key learnings from navigating embryo donation. How and when to introduce the concept of half-siblings to your ki