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Dreams still come true

Dreams and miracles still come true even in these wild and seemingly forever pandemic.  We are heading into nearly a full year of this shelter-in place and I've been honestly too overwhelmed to pause and celebrate the birth of Jojo's full biological brother into this world!  There is just no excuse! Brandon, Jojo's younger brother arrived three weeks early in Spring of 2020 weighing in at 7 lbs, 7 oz, and 20.5 inches.  He was born a very big younger brother to say the least.  Comparing newborn photos side by side, one would think they were practically twins! How did this happy ending story begin?  My IVF journey continues with four extra Grade A boy embryos after conceiving my sweet, perfect Josephine in July 2017.  Nearly four years later, while I am still uncertain if I can physically, mentally and financially raise a second child on my own, it was clear that I will NOT need all four embryos at any point of time or pay to keep them frozen forever.  I had several choi