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My Buddha Baby, Magic Baby and Miracle Baby

Some Babies are easier than others, right?  For those who have met Baby J, she definitely falls in the "Easy Baby" Camp.  Friends and Family have termed her Buddha Baby, Magic Baby and my favorite Miracle Baby.  Although I paid my price with a 62 hour labor, I wouldn't have it any other way as I was gifted the easiest and happiest baby ever. Baby J was the perfect newborn.  She was born exactly on her estimated due date.  Exactly 40 weeks in utero. No signs of colic. Zero risk for jaundice. Upon birth, she latched immediately. Both sides. No assistance required.  She had a very healthy appetite and liked to eat, both breastmilk and formula.  She took it from a bottle and a syringe.  She never refused a nipple or a pacifier.  She didn't cry much or for long or for no apparent reason.  She was even kind to my body.  I had lost most of my pregnancy weight by week three.  By seven weeks, she slept in her own crib in her own bedroom.  By nine weeks, I dropped her nightti