Happy 3rd Birthday Jojo!

It's amazing and crazy how fast this third trip around the sun has been ----even in these slow pandemic days.  These past several months have been particularly challenging and lonely to say the least,  but Jojo and I have proved to be the best team - mommy managing full-time work during peak busy season and Jojo adjusting to life without our sweet nanny, family, and friends.

For Jojo's third birthday this year, we weren't able to host a big birthday bash as we did last year and it was A-ok.  She still had an amazing celebration with chocolate cupcakes home-baked by mommy, cheeseboard pizza and a life-size PINK DANCING UNICORN!  She is indeed one lucky kid and knows her life is rich with memories and wonderful people. 

Many from near and far submitted their birthday wishes which I then compiled into a video montage.  Personally, they were therapeutic to see all the immense thoughtfulness and love that came with the birthday videos.  This video is a 30 minute commitment so grab yourself a glass of wine (and maybe some tissue too) and enjoy.  Hope this brings a bright spot to your day.


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